Jordi Savall at The Juilliard Store

Jordi Savall signed advance copies of his newest CD, Pro Pacem (For Peace) at The Juilliard Store on Saturday, January 26 at 5PM. Mr. Savall graciously met with a line of fans and posed for photographs in the Store after his final rehearsal for his concert later that night. Mr. Savall's concert, Ludi Musici (The Rise of Instrumental Music in Germany), with with Juilliard415 followed at 8PM in Alice Tully Hall.

The Juilliard Store still has signed copies available for purchase before the official release date on February 12, 2013.

Pro Pacem (For Peace) consists of twenty-three excerpts from the Alia Vox catalogue, spanning five centuries of music, from Gilles Binchois to Arvo Pärt. The cover art was designed by Catalan painter Antoni Tapiès, shortly before his death in February. The accompanying 1,000-page book features texts by renowned writers, including the French scholar Edgar Morin. This essential collection assembled by maestro Jordi Savall makes an eloquent statement about the world, both as it is and as it should be, and its debt to the power of music.